Here’s a thought: “What if…”

A friend of mine in another state is having her 60th birthday party and sent me an e-vite. It’s an important year for all of us turning 60. It’s a sort of road map that says: “Two-thirds of the way done…” There was an excellent deal on air fares and I searched thru, thinking I […]

A few quick notes on the Ebola Scare

You would have to be dead, deaf, dumb and blind to have missed coverage on Ebola, whether you are looking at reports on West Africa or closer to home in Spain or the United States. If you have ever watched a film, such as Outbreak, or any other, the perception of what a population will […]

For my brother, Sean Edward Duggan

I have been offline since September 17 and I expect you wonder why. My brother took his own life on September 1, 2014 at 1600 hours. That is what the police report says. In my heart, it was August 31st, sometime after 6:00 p.m. My friend, Kanzen Sakura, wrote a post  to help with Sean’s […]

Be aware! If you embrace this new policy of President Obama, there will be collateral damage.

As the drums and rhetoric mounts, the American public and politicians better fully understand that there will be bystanders killed – hospitals, mosques, wedding parties, etc. It is the terrorists way. Knowing our rules of war, they shelter deliberately with civilians, hiding their weapons in hospitals, UN schools, apartments, tunnels, etc. We are at war […]