Better when we’re together


This is Margaret Rose Stringer, folks. This post on a hummingbird beautifully erased my bad temper exhibited in “This just needs to be said.” Thanks, M.R. ~ Best HuntMode

Originally posted on "And then like my dreams":

This is and has been for a couple of years (!) my very favourite video.

I had never realised how tiny hummingbirds are! – aren’t they minute?! Even though this one’s a baby, it’s not going to get a whole lot bigger.

I had never realised how nice ordinary young blokes can be. I thought they were all rude and wore baseball caps backwards and slouched around in a permanent bad temper.

I had never realised how nice Joe Jackson’s music is. Although, it must be confessed, having looked him up and listened to other of his songs, I like this one best.

Addendum: there are some music videos I like very much indeed: but they’re a kind of specialist realm, you know …?

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9 thoughts on “Better when we’re together

  1. This little fellow is so cute. I’ve never seen a hummingbird not in constant motion. The young man looking after him isn’t bad either. I wonder how he came to look after it. Such patience. I almost broke down near the end when birdie rests on Hero’s hand as Hero rests his eyes. :-)


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