Men: Chicks dig Men in Pickup Trucks

Catching up on the news, this just in from Powerline ~ a study says 32% of women think the most attractive men drive pickup trucks. The next closest score was sports cars ~ 27%. Cute video at the site. :) Hey, I am here to keep you well-informed, eh? The inside looks good, too, Harley Davidson style:

21 thoughts on “Men: Chicks dig Men in Pickup Trucks

  1. I’m screwed… I don’t have a truck.

    Oh wait– I married a broad. A broad who is broad where a broad is supposed to be broad. (By her own defintion, even; you can ask.)

  2. As long as he has his own wheels, I don’t much care. And if it’s a really horrible car, I’ll use my own ;-)
    But I have to say – a man with a Red Pony might make me look twice :-)

        • Ah, a red Ford Mustang! Grin. My first car was a gold convertible Mustang – might have even been a ’68. The next one was a Plymouth my father bought me because it would be heavy duty and safer… turns out it was an undercover cop car and I frequently did very high speeds with it…. :)

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