Super Bowl Coin Toss

By this time, you have got to know I am in love with the Budweiser ads. I don’t even watch the Super Bowl and woke this morning with “Go Hawks!” – they are Washington’s team. Then quickly followed by “Go Broncos!” (just to be fair as only a bystander can be). As many wits have pointed out, the only two states where marijuana is now legal are the two teams facing off. Here you go:

20 thoughts on “Super Bowl Coin Toss

    • Oh, Eric, this town and state went insane as only we can. The outpouring of support is only insane if you don’t follow the game. :) 12th man indeed – banners of the 12th are everywhere!

  1. You could show me one of these every day for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t miss one. These GORGEOUS animals!! – they simply take the breath away …

  2. I like these commercials because they are fun, touching and the horses take our humanness and make it better than the sum of its parts. I love horses – heck, I love any animal.

  3. Hunt, Go Bronco’s LOL LOL yea yea yea a week late. Oh well, that was a great commerical and I agree, I could watch hours of them compared to the game. Take care, Bill

    • Never forget the jello shots – Blue with vodka and green with Tequila for the SeaHawks. Yellow for the Broncos with no alcohol. (So said my friend who made them). Of course, she is a big SeaHawks fan!

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